Reflection about this projects

I cannot talk about my project, but i should. The idea is a seed delicate that grow with much sensitive to the environment. They generally don’t like to be speak out loud without a relative necessity ( mean relative to its grows ) 

So the draft that I have been written relate to a social matter, a gap that can be exploited to create a new breath for the work of Art student. 

The Art student here are not very active outside the wall of the school

The art student have no time to give beside the art study. 

The art student like to show his creation as he is pride of it, but inside the wall of the school reflection is very abnormal high standard compare to social life beyond this wall.

To keep the energy up I’m creating a door or a bridge that can give a new breeze to the art to reborn in a world where the economical climate is base on survival. Actually, I see artwork as a necessity to help the economy to raise from it’s dirt ( i might wait till it burn to ashes)

I’m very multitasking (strange enough for a man) and proactive, any tool that can fit to my project should be use to make it happen. 

The only disadvantage to this project is that I am working by myself… its a pity because I have only few’s pieces of the puzzle. 

Anyway I will do what I have to do. 

Be strong in my will and never let go.


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